Laser Tag

Join us for a laser tag  tournament at Laser Karting de Nantes. Show off your skills. 

on December 6, 2023

ACDC will hold a laser tag tournerment at Laser Karting de Nantes. 

We will all meet at ECN (Building A foyer) and from there we will all take bus 80 which stops a minutes walk from Laser Karting de Nantes. Afterwards we will get back on bus 80 those who want to get off at haluchere  (line 1) can go into the city and the rest of us can come back to ECN. 

The venue sells drinks and snacks. 

Laser tag is a sporty and strategic shooting game. Equipped with a sensor vest and a laser gun, you will have to face each other in a maze with incredible sceneries, while trying to hit a maximum opponents. Your objective: avoid being hit by your opponents and try to inflict a maximum of damages. You’ll need to be strategic, cooperate and, above all, you’ll need cohesion! Laser tag is a friendly and dynamic game to get together with felow PhD students and young researchers.

Venue: Laser Karting de Nantes (10 Rue du Marché Commun, 44300 Nantes)
Date: Wed 6 Dec @ 18h00
Cost: 10 €

Note: We will meet in the foyer of Buiding A (in front of the Accueil) at 17h30. Payment to be collected at the venue for the laser tag game. 

Published on October 31, 2023 Updated on March 18, 2024